Home and Living

Did you purchase your house?  If you said yes, then WHY FILL IT WITH THINGS WITH NO VALUE?  Exactly! Don't settle for mediocrity.  DON'T BUY POSTERS  FROM WALMART, TARGET, LOWES or any other home products store.  There is no real financial value there!!!  You are simply giving money away.  Build value by making small (or large) quality investments in artists that have a good track record for producing quality artwork that is unique and special.

You invested in your real estate you expect to get something out of it when you leave it one day.  The same thing should be said for the things you put in it.  Purchase stuff that will retain value - ART now that can be a good investment.

Investing in art is like investing in stock.  The Art Studios of David F. Heatwole, LLC is in business not only to make quality art but to help you invest wisely.  Investing in our business is investing in an artist.  David F. Heatwole is on a mission and it is going very well.  Get involved.  Buy great art by this unique artist.