Another artist website launched! is now live!

One art lovers passion for art helps another artist finally have a presence on the web.

I became aware of artist Leslie Folksman one day decades ago now when I was helping another artist mount a solo exhibit in a restaurant in Fairfax, Virginia called Fish Stories.  Kind of Ironic that that was the name of the restaurant since I have been working on telling a magnificent "Fish Story" tied to the arts.  Anyway, as the artist I was helping and I were carrying paintings in another with his wife were carrying paintings out and boy did they grab my attention.  That exiting artist was non other than Leslie Folksman.

At the time I met him he was married to his first wife living in Rockville, Maryland and raising their only son. As we were passing one another moving art in and out of the restaurant I stopped his wife for information about the artist. I could tell the artist was not really very happy at that moment and so I approached his wife instead. She handed me his card.

After my first call and a visit to his house and studio I was hooked. I have seen a lot of imaginative art from the fantastical and science fiction genres of art; I grew up with it, but that is a story for another day.

The art of Folksman is special, to me and the collectors I have talked to, for it's sense of whimsical mystery. Even his less "surreal" paintings still have something about them that I cannot put my finger on. There is still a sense of mystery to them.

Leslie is not really one for marketing his art. Don't get me wrong he does exhibit on occasion but isn't really a marketing strategist like many artists that is not a professional hat they like to wear. Until recently with the help of social media Leslie hasn't even really had a presence on the web for his art and so this month I finally launched, with his help and support, a website to promote the artist. Now it is my hope that it will start to call people in and that people will begin to follow the artist and maybe even collect his masterpieces.

If you are one of those rare people that invests in purchasing his work please do me a favor, remember me a little and talk to me about why you love his work too. Talking about art is an earthly passion of mine and joining with you to talk of this great artists creations will be so much fun for me.





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