About David

David is an 11th generational artisan living and working in Berea, Ohio.  Formally from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and West Virginia. The artist is married to Dawn Ambrose and together they have 5 children.  He is an Eastern Orthodox Christian.

His mission is: "To share the sense of wonder I have as an artist and to inspire others to look, experience, and be wonderful!"

David Heatwole with painting of tea pot and steam turning into flowers

Heatwole comes from a long line of artisans on all sides of his family tree. The artist, who considers himself primarily a painter, claims that he is moreso a storyteller who uses art to engage others in a dialogue that he thinks the world should have: elevate the arts to an unparalleled level unlike anything that has ever been seen in history.

While others may perceive the world as imperfect, Heatwole claims to have witnessed perfections that defy comprehension and is all to happy to share these cases as a way to learn about what others may have experienced.

David grew up at the elbow of a sculptor and has been involved in the arts since he was a young lad being dragged to art festivals, galleries, art centers, museums and even Neiman Marcus where is father was invited to have one man shows of his work. David felt the urge to create and to follow in his father's footsteps.  However, he felt he had a different calling from his father in the sense that he also wanted to see how far one artist could take art into the public sector to attempt to tackle age old problems. That is when he founded the Transcendental Arts Council (aka. The Arts Collaborative) TAC which is not currently operational but was a 501(c)(3) Art for Charity organization.