David Heatwole's first instructional book is now on Amazon



I am very pleased to share that my first instructional book is now available on Amazon via their KDP services which is basically print on demand.  This will be a good test to see if the book goes anywhere and to see what people think about it.  Admittingly, it is NOT the most exciting drawing book BUT IT IS what I believe to be a great instructional book to prepare anyone, and I mean anyone, who wants to be able to draw.  By using a grid students will learn to really be able to observe what they are looking at.  It will test their patience and hopefully give them more of it.  I created this workbook for those individuals who say "I cannot even draw a stick figure"  for years I have had that comment echoing in my mind and so this book really is for them and therefore anyone else that wants to be able to draw. 

Being an artist DOES NOT mean you have to draw or paint realistically.  In fact it is finding a technique that you enjoy and then through the process of developing works of art that you find a style that you can call your own.  This workbook will jsut help you get to a point where you can break your subject matter down to lines and shapes and transferring them to your paper.  OBSERVATION is key to being an artist.  That is what this book is all about.


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