Inspiring Youtube video helps to explain Heatwole's own art Freaking amazing.

I started watching this to try to understand and to hopefully be able to explain my own art from the scientists own terminology.  This experiment is ...well...just mind blowing and of course makes sense that this is happening now while artists such as myself are exploring, independently of this scientific research, the same topic in our art having to do with suspended particles.

My first collection here on "This-artists-dream" Shopify store is simply called "Particles" but it's formal name is "Reflecting on Perceptions of Reality."  I titled it this originally because it was part of my "perceptions series" but because of the pond water being the only thing painted with some form of realism (not REAL realism) I added the "reflecting" to the title.

What this video helps to confirm is what has been seen throughout art history that artists working independently of other industry seems to reflect what other professionals are exploring simultaneously of one another.  For the last 25+ years I came in contact with a bunch of artists that were already working on art that explored a few related themes that I tried to put into words themes of "energy", "synergy" and "Information" kept coming up.  There were some others but they didn't quite fill the void of a genre of art.  Many years into mounting exhibitions for these artists, my own work included, I discovered another group out west that was promoting the same thing.  While my shows were always changing titles having to do with the topic of Energy such as "Something to do with Energy", "More to do with Energy", "The United States of Energy" to name a few, they were using the title of "Energy Art Movement" and then "Energism."  I was then using Energism and Synergism as two words to explain the different breeds of art in what I believe to be sister art movements.  I have so much to share on this topic but will have to trickle it out a little at a time.

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