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Learning to draw workbook, Learn to draw, How to draw by David Heatwole

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Do It Dave's Anyone Can Draw: Trees: Workbook #1 Gridding

If you have wondered where to start learning to draw Do It Dave's Anyone Can Draw: Trees is a workbook developed by artist David F. Heatwole is for the beginning artist. It was designed to take the student through a series of introductory challenges that will help develop their skills in observation. This book is for anyone who says "I cannot even draw a stick figure" Heatwole says everyone can draw starting with drawing the entire tree!

If you want to LEARN HOW TO DRAW then this is a radical approach to learning quickly by being forced to observe and see using a grid system. Once this skill is mastered drawing will become easier and easier. In this artist's opinion LEARNING TO DRAW CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

LEARNING WHAT AND WHERE TO DRAW comes later. First start in the comfort of your home drawing something that is familiar to practically everyone because they are everywhere - TREES!

While the current school system in America is focused on the STEM subjects ART is taking hold and is being required for graduation! Look everything is effected by the way we see and do things. Art is everywhere from the vehicles we drive to the houses we live in to the product packaging at the grocery stores. Being able to focus in this current day in age of quick video, instant gratification and fast food is so important. Being able to just focus on one thing is almost impossible unless it is video games but there is more to life and helping our brain focus is WHY LEARNING TO DRAW IS IMPORTANT.

IF you ask the questions: "IS LEARNING TO DRAW HARD?" or "WHY IS LEARNING TO DRAW SO HARD?" I have one response for you ... because you haven't had a good teacher or you haven't wanted it bad enough. If you are willing to put in the time and effort and have a desire to learn you will be able to draw. The real question is HOW DO YOU WANT TO DRAW? Drawing realistically does take some mad skills and a lot of time. You can do it but is that really what you are looking for?